Meet Quality Time and Petro

To combine several vastly different qualities into one single boat design were the challenges Petro Jonkers faced, when building Quality Time.

Petro is a true sailing fanatic and active competitor in the regatta scene, so the new boat had to have the performance to beat the best.

During weekdays, Petro - with his wife Sophia - runs one of St. Maarten's most prominent day charter operations. As a respected businessman, he knew that his new racing machine needed to earn her keep when not competing. But how do you comfortably fit 60 passengers on a racing boat?

As a world cruiser, Petro knows how fragile the marine environment is. It is especially important for a day-charter boat to be ultra fuel-efficient and employ the latest green technologies to minimize its ecological footprint. 

So, we asked Petro, "How did you accomplish combining these goals?"

"By using the most modern materials and technologies to construct the boat.", he explains. "Once you plan to sail in regattas with a boat, you can't cut any corners in design. Because our Quality Time is a thoroughbred, her sailing abilities are dramatically better than any standard day charter catamaran. When operating with our Eco Tour, which is restricted to 28 persons, Quality Time, under sail alone, out-sails the other day sailing catamarans which are using sail and engine."

Petro continues by stating that the aesthetics of the boat were also important to him: "She is designed to perform beautifully, so its only fair that we took great care to give her a sexy, elegant shape." Petro wanted to avoid the boxy shapes of the standard commercial boats, but find a form true her racy nature.

Looking back at the months Quality Time has been in operation, he wouldn't change a thing on the design. "We have won a few regattas and several top-finishes in others. There is still more to come, as we gain experience and come closer to fulfilling her potential."

For the sailing enthusiast visiting St. Maarten, Quality Time is a unique chance to experience the latest in sailing technology.

For the ecologically-minded guest, the boat uses the least resources of any available day charter catamaran.

And to the crowed mostly concerned having a great time? That's were the name Quality Time comes true - within a short period she has become one of the most appreciated excursion boats in the Caribbean.


  • LOA: 15.62m or 51.24ft
  • LWL: 14.80m or 48.56ft
  • Beam Overall: 7.92m or 25.99ft
  • Draft (Boards up):  2.27m or 3.47ft
  • Draft (Boards down):  1.06m or 3.47ft
  • Displacement (DWL): 7520kgs or 16582lbs
  • Sail Area: 146.30m2 or 1575ft2